Driverless transportation New opportunities for cities

Driverless transportation: New opportunities for cities?

Part of ‘Live Like Tomorrow’ at C40 World Mayors Summit, Copenhagen 2019. 

Format: Open masterclass

Self-driving vehicles won’t just change the way we get around; they can turn streets into living space. But technology won’t do it alone. A new Oslo study on a future with full implementation of autonomous cars shows remarkable results: If we manage to share cars and make public transit more attractive with driverless shuttles, we can reduce the number of cars dramatically and move towards more sustainable mobility in our cities.

COWI and Gate21 invite you to an open masterclass where key findings from the Oslo study are presented together with a Danish project on how driverless shuttles can be integrated into city development and connected to the coming light rail in Greater Copenhagen – and hence become a driver for a major urban transformation. Together, we will debate how autonomous vehicles will influence the urban fabric of our cities and discuss opportunities and risks.

Organizers: COWI + Gate 21

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