Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate

Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate

The Role of Urban Food Systems in a Changing Climate

Format: Workshop (Interactive Talks)

Food production is responsible for nearly 27% of greenhouse gas emission globally. Thus, it is necessary to delve into the possible roles of urban food systems as a means of decreasing the food imprint of our cities on the planet. During this event, we assess the approaches that citizens can take in order to fix our broken food systems through reshaping demand and influence bigger shifts on the production side.

By 2050, we will have 2.5 billion more people living in urban areas and they need fresh, safe and nutritious food. Let’s come together in Copenhagen to show that climate action can be a way of life: a way of innovating, a way of designing, a way of planning, and a way of thriving.

Let’s explore our responsibilities together. 

Organizer: Association for Vertical Farming

More info: https://www.liveliketomorrow.dk/events/verticalfarming/

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