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- The Danish Architecture Center (DAC) at BLOX will be closed until June 8 to reduce the risk of corona virus infection at the request of the Danish authorities.

- The DAC passage between Bryghuspladsen and the harbour front will be closed 24/7 until May 18.

- SATS KBH BLOX - the fitness centre at BLOX - will be closed until August.

- BLOX EATS will be closed until May 18.

- BLOXHUB urge its employees and residents to work from home. Only the most business-critical meetings and activities should take place in BLOXHUB. All events are cancelled until May 18.

- You can still park your car in the underground parking facility.

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Architecture, design and new ideas

About BLOX

Located on the Copenhagen Harbour front, BLOX is part of the city’s cultural circuit of venues that have a role to play in a new urban economy. BLOX promotes sustainable urban development in a broad sense and thus forms the setting for activities aimed at the general public as well as more narrowly defined professional networks.

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Exhibitions, guided tours, events and cafes

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BLOX presents a broad selection of activities all year round. We invite you to experience Nordic design and architecture - and with world-class exhibitions, talks, summer schools and activities for citizens, BLOX is your destination for sustainable urban development, architecture, design and new ideas.

BLOX is home of DAC - Danish Architecture Center - that brings people closer to architecture. From cities, sidewalks and harbor baths to tiny forest cabins, tall skyscrapers and comfortable modernist chairs. DAC invites everyone to explore the physical surroundings through thought-provoking exhibitions, guided tours and events.


Co-creating our urban future

BLOXHUB community

BLOXHUB is Denmark’s new base for future urban solutions, with a co-working space in the heart of Copenhagen and an international network of businesses, organisations and researchers within urbanisation. The community develops international solutions with a Nordic approach to create towns and cities with focus on the people who live there.

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Where, how and when to get in touch

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  • About the founder and owner (Realdania)

    BLOX has been financed by Realdania, and built and owned by Realdania's subsidiary Realdania By & Byg. Realdania is a philanthropic association with more than 149,000 members. The association seeks to improve quality of life through the built environment, defined as the physical settings for our everyday life. Realdania is focused on both living and future generations and seeks to promote sustainability and generate new knowledge and innovation. Since 2000, Realdania has supported more than 3,200 projects with a total of DKK 17 billion. Anyone in Denmark who owns real estate can become a member.  

    The BLOX building is itself an architectural landmark and an inspiring example of sustainable urban development.  
    The building is designed by the internationally acclaimed architectural firm, OMA, as a city within the city, where people of all ages can meet, discuss, eat, play, exercise, work and live. At the same time, BLOX connects historic and contemporary parts of Copenhagen’s harbor front area that were previously divided.

    Read more about Realdania
  • Contact BLOX

    General information

    Press contact
    Michael Guldager, Chief Communications Officer
    > mgu@blox.dk
    Phone: +45 21 25 53 89

    Delegations and professionals
    Mette Laursen, BLOX Global Ambassador
    > ambassador@blox.dk
    Phone: +45 28 11 17 44

    Visits and tours
    Danish Architecture Center
    > tourbooking@dac.dk
    Phone: +45 20 96 93 42 (Monday - Friday 10-12 am.)

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